Soliloquy – <səˈliləkwē> means an act of speaking to yourself. Well, Merriam Webster says so!  I wrote the following on a rainy Monday morning on my i-phone when overwhelmed with a long list of to- do’s.  Now, you can either read it in a melodramatic Shakespearean/Hamlet-style like “To be or not to be” or in the Jayz/Kanye West rap style. I will leave it up to you 🙂

A note to self!

Don’t try to do it all
Life isn’t a trip to the mall
Too much hopping could make you fall
With grace and practice, it could be a ball

Life’s all about choices
Listen to your heart through the noises
Never ever oscillate or compare
‘coz you’ll find yourself on a fast lane of despair

Is there any point in walking a million miles
If it costs you all your smiles?
By choosing what’s authentic in your heart
You’ll see life’s an effortless art

Take time, make time, to laugh and play
To breathe, relax and be inspired away
Have faith and you will find your way
Even the darkest night will be broken by a ray

Get up and move on when there’s rejection
For greatness is rarely achieved by general prescription
Why not write your own definition of success
Never settle for less nor give in to the lure of excess

Be selective with friends and books they say
Even more with your precious time, I say
Peace over pressure is always a better call
Well, whatever you do, don’t try to do it all! 


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