Short Story

Always Busy and Once Colorful

Here’s funny little story on the importance of expressing one’s feelings! I received the open letter below from someone very important to me, and I responded back. I am sharing with the hope that you all don’t judge either of us. If you see yourself in my shoes, hope this open dialog helps you too! Fictional names used for privacy concerns.

Dear Always Busy,

Why do you neglect me so much these days? Is it purposeful or is it because you have simply forgotten that I am still here? I see your stares and oh! these days, I also notice how you don’t even look at me. What’s frustrating is, you come only when you need something and you are gone in a flash, leaving me behind. I get the feeling you would prefer to never deal with me again. Do you realize that I am feeling washed out? Am I even a priority? – Yours – Once Colorful!

Dear Once Colorful,

I am so sorry I have made you feel this way. I never knew growing up and getting into responsible commitment entailed this much work. Especially you! The moment I get close, you become a never-ending basket of twists and turns. I am often drained by the time we spend time together!  But then, even though you are a bundle of complications, believe me, I cannot survive without you. You are a priority more than you know. All I ask is if you can sort yourselves out sometimes? – Love –  Always Tired!

Please scroll below to know more details about how our conversation ended.






Since the above open communication between me and my dear laundry basket full of washed clothes, who has been waiting to be folded for days on end (Once Colorful :D)have come to an agreement. We now spend quality time together watching TV and we both get what we want and I am smiling more these days!!!! 😀 😀

Please scroll above and read again. I promise you will find it enthusing!

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