Average? So What??

Approx Reading Time – 2.5 mins.  “Mom, Is it OK to be average?”

My shy precious little girl, in an unexpected moment, asked me the question.

And to her I say the words that I have been waiting to hear all my life! Finally!!

If being average means you are not a “jack of all trades” but persistently aspiring to find your strength and passion, it is perfectly fine to be average!

If being average gives you the freedom to measure your self-worth by the joy & contributions you spread instead of obsessing over a glamorous photo- shopped perfection, I BEG you to please be average!

If being average lets you celebrate & cherish the loved ones in your life without comparing them to unattainable standards;
makes you humble and grateful for all the gifts you have and not chase after other people’s dreams;
attracts few caring and loyal friends who love you for who you are and not use you for their own gains, please celebrate being average!

If being average only qualifies you to listen more than hogging the limelight, and that you hold your tongue sometimes more than your share; if you are careful about your words not hurting others, even those you dislike, believe me, you will learn to appreciate being average!

Most of all, if being average means, you value relationships more than your own pride, I ask you to please be average!

Average is commonly misunderstood as being lesser than great; Average means you are the center of your set of values. Keep expanding your value set and I promise you, you will feel great!

If you can create and live a life of meaning and purpose, self-respect, love and most of all if you have time for rest and laughter, by all means, please, please be average my dear!

Let me ask you…Average? So What??

Categories: Positivity

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