Nostalgia and Insights

A Voice in the Abyss

Voice in the Abyss – Musings on a Saturday Morning


In the dark of the night,

Buried under the sheets,

As you zip in and out, through the angst of pain and worries and thoughts,

A tiny voice calls for attention, yet again,

A deep longing voice screaming from the bottom of a well,

One that had been there, possibly for a long time

You can’t seem to quiet it down,

You have stomped on it,

Pushed it to a corner into the deep crevices of your heart,

You have told yourself that it’s just not possible,

It’s not for me, Maybe not now,

Why, Maybe never,

The time is definitely not right,

You have drawn out a never ending list of What ifs,

You have ignored or bullied or camouflaged it,

The sheer fear of facing that voice,

How listening to that voice may disrupt the current flow of your life,

The consolations of a cup half full,

The self talks about what’s meant to be will be,

And THAT voice doesn’t listen to any of it!

Nothing, not a thing, can shut down or convince it to fade out,

That voice, Thaaaatttt VOICE, That Destined voice,

however feeble it may be, it can’t be shut down.

For, It is the call of our soul and the voice of our being that is yearning to be heard…

If ain’t nothing, let’s dare to amplify it!

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