Welcome to The Jadka Journeys!

Hello! My name is Maya and I am a blogger, dreamer, tree-hugger, mom, corporate professional and all things quirky! I love people, places, words and all the little moments in life.

I am a small town girl who grew up with big dreams to become a writer/journalist. All my life, the simplest things seemed so dramatic to me. I dream in color!! The town I grew up in was Srirangam, a popular destination that is extremely quaint with a rich history, loads of diversity and bustling with crowds. Every day was festive and the town itself is worthy of being in Broadway for the intense drama it offered and continues to offer!.

I yearn for and reminisce about the fun memories/moments of this life from the distant past. What better way to express my love for words and nostalgia than this blog? After about 20 years of thinking about it, I decided to start this blog. This is a novice attempt at sharing my experiences and all of it is written with an undertone of humor, sarcasm, and satire.

I really need all your inputs and feedback. Please read and share my posts with your friends. Don’t forget to leave your comments 🙂

So what is a Jadka? Jadkas are horsecarts/bullock carts that were used to transport passengers locally in small towns and some big cities in India. Typically horsecarts are called Jadkas but here, I am using the term ‘Jadka’ loosely to refer both horsecarts and bullock carts! The last I recall seeing a Jadka in my town was in the early 90’s.

Getting on a bullock cart/horse cart and traveling in it is an amazing experience. I fondly recall the childhood days of traveling from the local train station to our home. It is the one vehicle that moves forward while we (kids) would sit with our legs hanging and face the rear. It is a unique view of the road just traveled.  These Jadka rides add so much color and depth to my memories and hence, the Jadka Journeys!


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  1. Good day Maya. AppaJadka Sholavandan there is a colourful story. Don’t know if he remembers it. Once on alighting from Sholavandan Rly Station there was verbal duel between Appa and Jadka wala. He was slapped. With blood oozing out thro nose…he was driving the cart to home. The funny part was he was continuously murmuring and applying the blood on the tail of the animal like Amritanjan pain balm. I was six years younger to Appa nd didn’t remember exactly what happened between them.


  2. That horse is being abused. Look how thin it is. Look at the bones on it’s back. Disgusting. Ugh. And its neck. Poor baby. Sorry, but I’ve owned horses for years and this poor thing is being badly abused. Find a new pic.


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