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A Voice in the Abyss

Voice in the Abyss – Musings on a Saturday Morning ——————————————— In the dark of the night, Buried under the sheets, As you zip in and out, through the angst of pain and worries and thoughts, A tiny voice calls for attention, yet again, A deep longing voice […]


One cannot ignore the repetitive beat of the drums- Dum-DumDum-Dum, Dum-DumDum-Dum in the distance indicating the oncoming procession of the temple deity, the robust scent of camphor carried by the gentle wind, the aroma of mom’s pepper rasam on the stove, the random whistle sounds of pressure cookers from the various neighboring homes, the fragrance of the new jasmine blooms, the clinking clanking bells from the cows in our backyard as they become restless waiting for their evening meal, and all of this come together to create a yet another charming small town evening.


Here’s a dedication to the superhero of South Indian delicacies! What do you call that which is Omnipresent? That which is all pervasive, all-encompassing, everywhere and widespread?? Some would call it “God. Some call it “Dogma”. If you ask us, the South Indian Foodies, without any hesitation or […]


840 words and approximate reading time- 7 minutes Have you ever wondered what shopkeepers do when there are no customers? I don’t know how it is these days. Everyone’s got a smartphone! Back in the 90’s, it was quite different. If you ever wanted to see and experience […]

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